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Chapter 28: What to do with Ianto Jones.

There was a silence for a long moment around the table while Ryes blinked between the two women several times before frowning at them in confusion, “What the bloody hell do you two think this is?” The Welsh man demanded in a very blunt down to earth way only he could pull off without it sounding rude, “Romeo and flaming Juliet? The point isn’t why Ianto’s back the point is he’s back! Now the next question isn’t some big scientific thing and I don’t need spread sheets and a diagram but...What in god’s name are we going to say to Jack in three hours when he turns up on some shitty hill in the arse end of nowhere! Hmm?” He looked at a spot about the height Jack’s eyes would have been if he’d been in the room, “Hey Jack, how was your little trip? ... Oh and yeah by the way, here’s your mental dead lover plus a few of his imaginary friends! You mind taking him off are hands? It’s just we’ve got a baby on the way!”

For a few moments Gwen opened and closed her mouth like a gold fish and Martha fell compleatly silent sitting back in her chair and waiting.

All of a sudden Ianto Jones drifted into the kitchen where the three others where sat talking conspiratorially, “You know?” The young man said in his work monotone, “If you’re going to talk about me, may I suggest you do it a little quieter or at least don’t yell mental so loudly, Lisa doesn’t like it.” He told them in a matter of fact way before turning on his heal and wandering back out of the room.

“You see!” Reiss exclaimed, “Case and point.”
“Reiss!” Martha warned watching Gwen wearily, “Shh!”
“No.” Gwen sighed suddenly looking very tired, “He’s right, what the bloody hell do we say to Jack...”
Martha shook her head, “I don’t know... fat lot of good it was calling me ay Reiss.”
“So in other words we’re bollocked.” The Welsh man sighed lowering his head, “Do we at least know what we’re going to do with Ianto when we go to see the Captain? I mean we can’t leave him here alone, when my Gramps went mental we accidently left him in the kitchen alone and he almost burnt the place down. These no way we can trust him.”
Martha gave a nod standing up, “I’ll stay with him.” Her eyes met Gwen’s, “I’ll look after him I promise and before you say anything I swear I won’t tell UNIT anything until you say it’s alright.”
The Welsh woman nodded, “Okay... That’s okay I believe you because I think you know what I’ll do to you if UNIT lay so much as a nanobot on him!”
“I do.”
Daddy's little girl 11.

Jack pulled a face almost glaring, What other person?” He asked sharply.
Ianto frowned confusedly, “Sorry I’m sorry.” The Welsh man sighed shaking his aching head, “I’m probably wrong I just thought I had someone in the car with me... You? Were you in the car?”
“I got to the scene when the paramedics did, you were half conscious and I got in the back to hold your neck while they cut you out.” The Captain explained, “It might had stuck in your memory but I got out okay.” Jack’s face relaxed and he smiled softy at his story.”
“Good, Jack I’m really sorry.”
“What for?”
Ianto frowned confused again, “We... I shouted at you, I’m sorry we had a fight. I’ll make it up to you once my body doesn’t hurt so bloody much.”
Jack felt a flash of something that might have been guilt, “I’ll hold you to that Mr Jones.”
Ianto sighed nodding, “I thought you might.”
The American man was quiet for a long moment before he spoke again, “What do you remember of the day it happened and the accident?”

Ianto’s young brow furrowed as it he was trying to see thought a fog that was obscuring that part of his memory, “I don’t really know, it’s all a bit of a blur, like a mix of events. Nothing seems to fit together properly; it’s all just words and flashes of pictures with really bad dubbing and no subtitles. None of it makes any sense.”
“Maybe that’s better.” Jack replied reaching over and softly placing his strong hand on top of Ianto’s right thigh giving it a little squeeze, “I mean at least you won’t have to go see some councillor about something you may or may not have seen... Unit...” Jack explained a shiver running down his spin at the thought of Unit getting involved in this mess, “They were asking about the accident.”
“Oh Christ! Please tell me I don’t have to give them a statement, “I’ll look like a right idiot when I tell them I don’t have a bloody clue what happened or why I crashed! I almost wish I had my memory back then at least I’d be able to know if it was my fault or not.”
“It wasn’t.” Jack barked, “Trust me. It was just a freak accident could have happened to anyone even me, but do me a favour and don’t tell Owen I said that I’d hate to have to carry out my threat of cutting off his balls.”
“You’d have to find them first.” Ianto said making both Jack and Ianto himself laugh, not for long though because after his second intake of breath the young Welsh man was almost doubled over holding his stitches in agony.
Jack immediately jumped to his feet gently rubbing Ianto’s back and reaching over him to press the emergency button on the wall behind Ianto’s head, “Hey Yan, Whoa whoa calm down.”

It was only seconds before a curvy middle aged woman with shoulder length frizzy blond hair marched into the room and over to the bed where Ianto was trying to suppress groans and coughs as his body reacted to the laughter.

“Honestly Captain Harkness I thought I told you I would only allow you to be in here if you promised not to over excite poor Mr Jones.” She scolded at Jack flashed her one of his winning smiles.
“Hey, he did it all by himself.” Jack muttered indignantly.
The nurse rolled her dark eyes fixing an oxygen mask over Ianto’s nose and mouth before gently administering a pain killer though the IV in the back of the young mans hand.
Ianto gave her the best smile he could manage, “Thank you.” He muttered thought the mask.”
“No problem Mr Jones.” The nurse nodded before turning back to Jack, “But really Captain if you keep winding him up and getting him all excited you will have to go back to the relative room. We don’t want him bursting his stitches now do we?”
Jack chuckled grinning, “Not right now.”

Ianto gave a soft smile slowing releasing the arm he had around his stomach relaxing back onto the bed once the pain killers kicked in it almost didn’t hurt at all, “Don’t I get a say in this?” He asked his voice muffled but the oxygen mask.
“Of course you don’t. Ianto you don’t get a say in anything work related, remember who’s the boss.”
“From where I’m laying the boss looks to be nurse...” He paused trying to think, “Sorry I don’t think we’ve been introduced... what’s your name?”
The nurse gave him another smile, “Don’t worry Mr Jones I’m not supprised you don’t remember, you were pretty much unconscious when you got here on Monday. All you said to he was to watch the pretty American one didn’t flirt with anyone young man or women while you were out of it... which by the way I did. I’m Brigitte.”
Ianto smiled again, “Thank you.”
“No problem sweetheart it’s my job to look after people after all.”
“It’s usually mine.” The young man told her, “And I know how hard it is to watch him so once again thank you.”
“Your very welcome, and Jack I meant what I said keep him calm or you’re out. I’ll be back to change the dressing and a new IV in about an hour.” Brigitte warned turning and leaving the room, “If you need anything give me a shout.”
Daddy's little girl 11.

I know its been ages but someone commented on the others recently to ask it there was going to be a sequel and I haven’t finished this one so here goes if you still care about this story please comment.

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